Price : $7.50 CAD

Airway Pediatric Adjustable Oral, Adjusts from 50mm - 70mm

  • Model: NZDA200-0001/DA
  • Manufactured by: Nuzone Medical


1) Three sizes replace all of the OPA's and NPA's and with 5mm half steps, allowing for more exact adjustments.
a) Pediatric : 50 mm, 60mm, 70mm
b) Adult : 70mm, 80mm, 90mm, 100mm
c) Xlg Adult : 80mm, 90mm, 100mm, 110mm, 120mm

* The Adult and Xlg Adult also include a tongue depressor inside of the package for insertion assistance.

* Some of the sizes overlap, allowing for even greater adaptability for the patient.

2) A very large Ventilation port. (Please visit Attachment A4)

3) A palatal Arch support (one of the reasons for an occlusive airway is a soft palate)

4) The ability to adjust the tongue deflector allows for the airway to adjust to the patient’s specific needs, instead of the static design of the older airways that may not exactly fit the patient.

5) Suctioning the airway prior to ventilation will save the hospital and society money. The Dual-Air Adjustable Oral Airway allows for an 18 Fr. suction catheter entrance via the ventilation port for the Adult and Xlg Adult airways, and a 14 Fr. suction catheter for the Pediatric model.

6) The point where the Tongue Deflector meets the Palatal Arch support is called the "V" Channel. This channel allows for a Yaunker to easily bypass the tongue and
teeth of the patient for more aggressive airway clearance.

7) The ports beside the main ventilation shaft not only increase ventilation openings,but also allow for the airway to be secured with a trach/neck tie or tape. However, the design of this airway does not allow for the patient to easily push the airway out of their mouths as the older style did. The patient must overcome the distance of the Palatal arch and the tip of the Tongue Deflector to remove the product.

8) These are some amazing features of this new and innovative airway. These feature turn this airway into a functional product that maintains the airway in an unconscious patient, but what about a semi-conscious or conscious sedated patient?
The Dual-Air Tongue Deflector pulls the tongue away from the back of the oral cavity, doing so without stimulating a gag reflex in most patients. (We say most
patients because some people gag at the word gag). So now instead of holding a patients jaw open, or constantly shaking the patient, the hospital personnel can insert this airway without causing more harm than they are
attempting to resolve. This frees the clinician up to address other areas of care.