Price : $20.00 CAD

Head Blocks™ Head Immobilizer (2/Set)

  • Model: MO0320
  • Manufactured by: Morrison Medical


Morrison Medical's Head Blocks are a foam-filled, light-weight head immobilizer. This device is
affordably priced to be disposable, yet is durable enough to be reused. The highly visible orange vinyl
exterior is both puncture and water resistant, while offering a writable surface for easy ownership
and patient identification. Morrison Medical offers compatible disposable head and chin straps that
are ideal for use with Head Blocks.

Rectangular (4 x 5 x 10") foam blocks sealed in highly visible
orange vinyl, complete with handle and writable surface
Offers firm yet lightweight support.
X-ray translucent.
Tape can be used to secure patient, but works great with
Morrison Medical Disposable Head/Chin Straps (Item 1475).
Adjustable to fit children and adults.
Compatible with helmets.
Easy to use and quick application.
Puncture and water resistant.
Head Blocks float - ideal for water rescue.