Price : $24.95 CAD

Laerdal Stifneck® Pedi-Select™ Extrication Collar, Adjustable (Each)

  • Model: LA980020
  • Manufactured by: Laerdal Medical.


Laerdal Spinal Immobilization Solutions

All the adult Stifneck sizes in one easily adjustable, fully assembled collar. Just measure the patient, select the size, adjust, and lock – four simple steps!
The Select collar fits all adult patients and delivers the same superior immobilization you expect from Stifneck collars and, for the smallest patients, the Pedi-Select collar offers an anatomically correct collar for infants and smaller children.


  • • Four adult collars in one/three pediatric collars in one saves room in bags and ambulance
  • • Easy-to-use sizing measurements (finger technique)
  • • Locking mechanism ensures stability of collar and symmetrical adjustment
  • • Directions on collar make training easy and guarantees instructions always ‘on hand’ for rescuer
  • • In-service training video minimizes training time and cost
  • • Flat storage requires minimum space
  • • Preassembled - assures speedy application
  • • Oversized tracheal opening allows optimal visualization for assessment and treatment
  • • Constructed from latex-free quality materials
  • • Radiolucent and MRI compatible
  • • “Issues in Spinal Care” CDs available upon request