Price : $49.79 CAD

Maginifier Magni-Focuser w/2.75 Power Lens

  • Model: ARM107
  • Manufactured by: Arrowhead Healthcare Supply


Magni-Focuser with Light

This magnifier has an amazing 8,000 Candle Power Xenon beam patented lazer spot. Super beam outshines all other's burn time 6-7 hours.

The Magni-Focuser with Light is a valuable tool for doctors, dentists, laboratory technicians, jewelers, electronic assemblers, photographers, quality controllers, hobbyists and others.

The Magni-Focuser with Light is a binocular magnifier with interchangeable lens. It has shatter resistant, optical quality acrylic lenses.

The Magni-Focuser is available in six regular models and four models with a pivoting 3.50 (+10D) auxiliary monocular lens, providing magnification up to 5.25X for one eye.