Price : $6,499.95 CAD

Baxter Sigma Spectrum Infusion Pump

  • Model: BO5700BAX2
  • Manufactured by: Baxter


• Generation 2 Error Prevention Features

• Rapid, Intuitive Workflow

• Total Cost of Ownership

• Smart System Support

“SIGMA Spectrum Infusion System is Redefining Smart”

The SIGMA Spectrum Infusion System delivers features that can help reduce pump programming errors and streamline workflow.

Pump-Related ADE Prevention

Generation 2 Safety Software with features that go beyond Generation 1 Dose Error Reduction Software (DERS):

• Single Step Titration helps to intercept dose rate errors

• Check Flow at Start of Infusion helps to ensure the flow of critical medications

• Secondary Infusion Container Check reduces the potential for concurrent flow

Helps to ensure the secondary and primary containers are flowing at their intended rates

Rapid, Intuitive Workflow

• Easy, fast priming of Baxter’s standard IV administration sets

• Rapid, programming workflow

• Quick drug search within Master Drug Library

• Bright, color screen

• Lightweight, compact pump profile Total Cost of Ownership

• Supports efficient use of inventory

• Baxter’s standard IV administration sets help reduce cost and complexity

• Reduction in set-up and training time Smart Implementation Support

• The Baxter Implementation Team provides technical expertise and consultative guidance to facilitate a successful system integration

• Guidance for Master Drug Library development

• IT resources assist in implementation

• Go-live and post installation support

• Goal of 100% staff training