Price : $135.00 CAD

Bon Vital'® Multi-Purpose Massage Creme, 1gal. Tub, Each

  • Model: CR081712629
  • Manufactured by: Bon Vital


Multi-Purpose Massage Creme

Multi-Purpose Massage Creme by Bon Vital is a topical, professional-grade creme that is excellent for personal and professional use. It is suitable for all kinds of massage techniques, including deep tissue, shiatsu, Swedish, trigger point, soft tissue, and others. Therapists and clients alike will appreciate this massage creme’s workability and smooth, light feel.

Premium Skin Care

A little goes a long way with Bon Vital’s water-dispersible massage creme. It is easily absorbed into the skin, so there is no need for wiping off excess creme after the massage. Its moisturizing qualities ensure that the patient’s skin is left feeling revitalized and hydrated for hours after application. The vitamin-infused formula provides a number of health-related benefits paired with a massage for a totally refreshing experience.

Natural Ingredients

Whether its used at home or at a spa, this Multi-Purpose Massage Creme is trusted by professionals for its all-natural ingredients and preservative-free formula. It is enriched with jojoba and avocado oil for excellent skin care benefits, and it is safe for sensitive skin as well. The massage creme is paraben free for the patient’s safety and long-term health.