Price : $21.99 CAD

Tourniquet Combat Rotating Compression 38mm x 890mm, Black

  • Model: SDSR-TN001BK
  • Manufactured by: Suzhou Hengrun


Combat Tourniquet Professional Use Only for Blood Loss Control

- Apply tourniquet proximal to the bleeding site and place the wounded limb through the band loop

-Pull the band very tight and fasten it back onto itself

-Adhere the band around the limb

-Twist the rod until bright red bleeding stops

-Place the rod inside the clip and lock

-Check bleeding condition, apply additional tightening next to the tourniquet and reassess if massive bleeding continues.

-Adhere band over the rod inside the clip around the limb

-Secure the rod and band with the strap, transprot reassess, record applied time on white strap if possible.