Price : $130.00 CAD

GluStitch® Single Use 0.2mL Preloaded Applicators, Violet, 12/Box

  • Model: GS2-U(V)P
  • Manufactured by: GluStitch Inc.


GluStitch is an excellent material for treating cracks and fissures in the skin, and as an agent for repairing skin breakdowns (senile skin tears), particularly in the elderly.

GluStitch has been used extensively in sports medicine for treating the above conditions. In addition, since sutured repairs only have approximately 20% of the strength of intact skin for one or two weeks after suture removal, GluStitch® can be used over a repair as a securing agent during sporting events to prevent spontaneous wound opening. The adhesive may be removed after the event using Vaseline or petrolatum to soften the area. The material may then be gently picked off.